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Various studies and surveys by the Commission identified expensive and unreliable cross-border delivery services as one key challenge in the further development of cross-border e-commerce. The roadmap addresses challenges related to cross-border delivery, in particular: the lack of transparency and information on delivery services for SME e-retailers, the lack of transparency alexmarket parinktys appropriate information for consumers, a lack of choice in less alexmarket parinktys or accessible regions and the lack of interoperability between alexmarket parinktys.

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In order to achieve this objective, in the parcel roadmap, the Commission chose a set of soft measures and an industry driven approach. The Commission has stated that it will facilitate exchange with the sector, monitor progress against the objectives, take stock after 18 months midand then reconsider its approach.

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These are : 1. Information platform on delivery services 2. E-commerce scoreboard on delivery and price performance 3.

Delivery aspects in e-commerce trust marks 4. Improve parcel services in rural areas 5. Interoperability of cross-border delivery operations 6.

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Methodology to measure transit time of cross-border parcels in Europe.

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